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Passionate about bringing people, ideas and technology together and particularly skilled in developing early ideas & turning chaos environments into growth.

Chief Troublemaker and head of Kaltura’s Special Ops. Forged in the fires of startup-nation and trained in the secret art of getting shit done, at the change of the millennia. With background in programming, video editing, 3D, community, strategy, marketing, bus.dev and sales. Zohar is the super glue to connect fast growing teams, and mastering chaos into success. When he’s not busy dreaming you’ll find him breaking things or building things. Specializing in herding cats, architecting strategic relationships and turning code to cash. he also accepts BTC, ETH, or digital cats…

Born into the early days of the web (mid 80’s), modding was my first exposure to software development and communities. I love to learn, read and experiment, but formal school was never my thing. The free internet and people in great online communities were my formal education

I was lucky to get exposed to talented people and gain a multidisciplinary set of expertise and experience in Entrepreneurship, Community Management, Open Source, Software Development, Technology Partnerships, Business Development, Marketing, and Public Relations.

I enjoy organizing events and bringing creative people together. And I frequently speak at events and conferences, including Orielly OSCON, ACM Multimedia, Open Video Conference, 360Flex, and JAndBeyond.

Artist by heart, Community by day, Coder at night.

Don’t be a stranger! @zohar (FTLG+,GH)

Notable communities –


Html5Video.Org - The HTML5 Video Community

WebiTalks - The Israeli Web Technology Community

Flashoo.co.il - Israel Flash & Web Developers and Designers Community


  1. Hello,

    We need to create custom server software that will talk with Kaltura server requesting transcoded video to kaltura media server. The company I am consulting for is a very large TV studio with 100's of TV stations that send in live video to be transcoded by a hardware solution that will talk with kaltura video managment.

    Here is a basic diagram of what I am talking about.

    Are you available for consultant or custom development work?

    Jason Martell

  2. Hello Zohar, are you available for custom development of the All-in-One Video Pack WordPress plugin? Thanks, Kyle (k17robinson .at. gmail)

  3. H Zohar,
     Could you please contact me. I need someone to integrate Kaltura with a forum software. I have specific needs I can share with you. I sent you an email as well.

  4. Hi,

    I have two Kaltura 5 aws instance, let say kaltura A, Kaltura B. Now i want to copy all the contents  /opt/kaltura/web/content/data/entry/4/267 from Kaltura A to Kaltura B ( the same location  /opt/kaltura/web/content/data/entry/4/267 ) also i need to update the database. Can you help me to do this ?

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