Dump RTMP Video to a File

Often (or not) you might come across the need to download a video from a site you don’t own (e.g. someone uploaded an interview of you), but they use an RTMP server to stream their video.

This neat tool will go to the URL of the page hosting the video player, load the page in a mini-browser screen, wait till you click play and… dump the video to a file.


Based on RTMPdump (and you’ll actually need to download RTMPdump to the same folder of RTMPExplorer to make it work), RTMPExplorer serves as a nice GUI to RTMPdump, but more importantly, it automates the decision making of which flags (command line attributes) and their values to use while using RTMPdump to dump an RTMP stream.

Windows only, IE must be available, with Flash ActiveX Control installed.