Kaltura Knowledge Center Search IRC Bot Module

We spend a good amount of time on our #kaltura freenode channel during the day, staying in touch with other community developers, assisting others or simply chatting in a more collaborative environment than Skype…

This weekend I decided it’s time to retire our old PHP based IRC bot (bit of server cleanup), and replace it with a newer more maintained bot… A quick search and playing with several bots around including two PHP based bots (@,@), a node.js one and two python bots (@,@) I finally choose jenni. jenni is a python based IRC bot, a mix between the two python bots I mentioned. jenni is maintained by yano, a member of the The Ohio State University Open Source Club (#osuosc on freenode), and yano also wrote some great docs for using and extending jenni.

papyromancer: kalturian would be nice to be able to search the knowledge center

After quick 20 minutes of passing karma points, querying jenni for google searches, coffee and reminders… @papy suggested this great idea!

2.5 hours later (I’m not much of a pythonist…) – and we have a working module!


A testament to how awesome the jenni project is! 

Below is the module code, feel free to comment, share, use, extend, or tell me it could be written is so many more efficient ways 🙂