WebiTalks 5: Flash Apps and Games Security

Past Sunday we had the 5th WebiTalks meetup. This time about Security in Flash Applications and Games.
It was very interesting to see that at the same time we announced the meetup, two interesting debates about tweaking, changing and winning online Flash based games using various sniffing techniques started at Flashoo, the Israeli Flash community forums (Security in Flash games tests, Memory access tweaking).

To summarize the meetup, it was a fun & pleasant meetup with 30 attendees followed by a good discussion and great responses for more meetups of that kind.

Lior Bruder – who gave the presentation did a great job, outlining most of the basic mistakes developers do and don’t do, leaving their apps and games opened for intruders.

As always we had a gathering at the local bar after the meetup, those who could had a beer, those who couldn’t had Orange juice… :\

I got a chance to meet new members of WebiTalks. Had a nice conversation about general security in web applications/games.
Met Elad Cohen, and his new backgammon platform: GammonShark, an online backgammon system. Elad has an interesting approach on developing the game and making it profitable, first by providing APIs and many features that enable people to host the game on their servers, hold their own backgammon rooms, create affiliates and make money. Elad suggested a new meetup Idea about hacking online games – let us know if you like it by voting on the page.

I think there is much interest for a follow up meetup, now focusing on creating secured architecture while writing games and applications. Also discussing security holes and approaches in more depth and more widely including server side and JavaScript. If you’re interested or would like to talk at a meetup – drop me a note below or join WebiTalks.

And ofcourse a huge thank you goes to our great event sponsors –

InterBit - Israel Open Source Technology Training Institue
InterBit - Israel Open Source Technology Training Institute

Lior Bruder – Hacker guide to Adobe Flash Security

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