Community Leadership Summit Unconference, Sept 21st, at 10gen, NYC

I’m delighted, excited, thrilled and psyched to share these awesome news 🙂

If you don’t know what CLS is, check this about page, the official CLS wiki and this post and this one and that one.. and definitely watch these videos!

So, the exciting news eh?.. We are hosting the first Community Leadership Summit in New York City on September 21!

CLS is an unconference for those interested in discussing, debating and exploring the many avenues of building strong community. The event is free and all are welcome to attend, if you’re building communities now, or want to build communities in the future.

Register here:!

So there you have it, the amazing CLS unconference will arrive on Sept 21st for the first time in NYC!
I’m very excited about the great discussions and learning that will happen, as I think that the east-coast (and especially NY) brings some unique local advantages and challenges for local communities in the area big and small alike, from culture differences to the weather and it should be fascinating to meet other local community leaders and learn from their practices. Be it social media, building engineering communities and developer advocacy, open source leadership, growing user base, designing experience and driving participation, measuring success / analytics, or any other community building / leading / growing practice you’d like to talk about – Join us at CLSEast!

Can’t wait for the event? Join the discussion at the forums board and meet other community managers!


And in the meanwhile… enjoy this video reel from the 2012 CLS unconference:

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